Certified Dank Apparel Profile

Established: 2019

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Founders: Kevin Alexander Taylor Jr & Chelsea Taylor

CEO: Chelsea Taylor

Revenue: can not be disclosed

About: Certified Dank Apparel is a luxury high fashion streetwear label founded in 2019 by Mississippi native Kevin Alexander Taylor Jr aka “Dank”

“Dank” was Kevin’s childhood nickname that later turned into something he stood for. It was more than just the thought of smoking for Kevin, “Dank” is/was a lifestyle, a difference in fashion, a feeling of turning a bad situation into an Empire that would change a generation for years to come.

On December 13th 2021 Kevin Alexander Taylor jr “Dank” was assassinated in his hometown Jackson, Mississippi. The control of the company was passed to his wife Chelsea Taylor who has been determined to make Certified Dank Apparel a worldwide success

What does Certified Dank Apparel “Dank” mean?

Certified Dank Apparel has developed as a symbol of Luxury High fashion streetwear but a form of slag that is already known worldwide.

Additionally, Certified Dank Apparel is creating history and overtime looks to venture into other luxury products like cocktails.


Dank Apparel is a luxury fashion brand that strives to make one NOT only feel great and confident, but to give hope that you can come from nothing like Dank and make an empire with just an idea, and being hungry and determined to make a way.